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Radiant Glow Bundle by Labella Tans

Radiant Glow Bundle by Labella Tans

Radiant Glow Bundle by Labella Tans offers a radiant sun-kissed glow in a convenient package. Get ready to dazzle with our premium self-bronzer kit!

Includes 5 full body tans, Bella Buff and applications mitts, step by step instrucutions.

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How to apply

Achieving that perfect glow is easy with the Radiant Glow Bundle . Follow these simple steps:

1. **Exfoliate:** Before applying the self-bronzer, ensure your skin is clean and free from dead skin cells. Use Labella Tans' gentle exfoliator to scrub away impurities and create a smooth canvas for your tan.

2. **Apply Self-Bronzer:** Pump a small amount of the self-bronzer onto your palm or a tanning mitt. Begin applying the product evenly onto your skin, starting from your legs and working your way up. Use circular motions to blend the bronzer seamlessly for a streak-free finish.

3. **Blend:** Pay extra attention to areas like elbows, knees, and ankles, where the skin tends to be drier. Blend the product thoroughly into these areas to avoid uneven patches.

4. **Wait for Drying:** Allow the self-bronzer to dry completely before dressing to prevent transfer onto clothing.

5. **Maintain:** To prolong your tan, moisturize your skin daily and avoid prolonged exposure to water.