Pre-Tan Prep Essentials:

  • 01. Smooth Start

    Exfoliate your body pre-tan for flawless application. Opt for oil-free exfoliants to prevent residue and ensure an even tan.

  • 02. Hair Removal Hack

    Schedule waxing or shaving 24 hours before your tan or shave 24 hours after for maintained perfection.

  • 03. Product Detox

    Remove lotions, deodorants, and jewelry before your tan to create the ideal canvas.

  • 04. Nail Care Note

    If you've had a manicure or pedicure on tan day, skip added oils for a seamless tan application.

Tan Session Attire Tips

Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes and open-toed sandals for the best results. Opt for a sweat outfit to prevent unwanted lines from friction. You can choose to wear a swimsuit or go au naturel during the session—your preference! Just steer clear of white swimsuits or undergarments for optimal results.

Aftercare in a Nutshell:

After your spray tan, wear loose, dark-colored clothing—avoid jeans or tight fits. Skip light-colored clothes until you shower; bronzer may rub off but washes easily. Steer clear of nylon, silk, spanx, and wool fabrics. Stay dry for 6-8 hours post-tan; no sweating or workouts. Relax and set your next appointment!

To Prolong Your Glow:

  • Avoid water for at least 8 hours.
  • After showers, use a chemical-free, alcohol-free moisturizer, or natural body oil (no mineral oil).
  • Say no to long, hot showers, baths, or jacuzzis.
  • If swimming is on your agenda, apply waterproof sunblock to protect your tan in the water.

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