Sunless Spray Tanning FAQs:

How do I book an appointment ?

Ready to book your appointment? Simply click on the link to access our booking software. We understand that some of you may prefer traditional methods, but our online system ensures the most accurate availability and eliminates any potential scheduling mishaps. No more playing phone tag or going back and forth on schedules—just easy, hassle-free booking!

How to Prepare ?

Shave + Exfoliate: Achieve a smooth base by shaving unwanted hair and exfoliating with an exfoliating mitt the night before your appointment. Exfoliation is crucial for a flawless tan, especially if you have an existing tan. Consider using Fresh Start to remove any previous tan.

Avoid Products: Skip lotions, deodorants, oils, and fragrances on the day of your tan as they can create a barrier between your skin and the DHA, resulting in an uneven tan.

Wash Your Hair: Wash your hair beforehand to prevent shampoo and conditioner ingredients from interfering with the tan development.

Plan Your Day: Wear loose, dark clothing during and after the tan application to avoid water exposure and heavy sweating.

During and After:

Attire During Tan: Wear whatever you're comfortable with during the tan application, whether it's a bikini, bra, thong, or nothing at all. However, men must wear underwear or some form of covering.

Attire After Tan: Opt for loose, dark clothing post-spray to prevent staining. Avoid tight clothing, bras, leggings, and closed-toe shoes. If sleeping pre-rinse, wear long sleeves and pants to prevent tan transfer to palms.


How Long It Lasts: With proper aftercare, your tan can last between 7 to 10 days. Proper aftercare includes using products free from alcohols, fragrances, sulfates, and parabens, which can strip the tan. Explore our signature line for tan-friendly products.

Can I Get a Spray Tan While Pregnant?

While we've successfully sprayed many expecting moms with our naturally derived solutions, it's important to note that we're not medical professionals. Every pregnancy comes with unique risks, so we strongly advise consulting your OBGYN for any concerns or questions regarding spray tanning during pregnancy.

FAQs Wedding Day Flawless

Should I do A Trial Run?

At La Bella Tans, we always advocate for a trial tan to tailor the perfect solution for your big day. Numerous brides choose us for their engagement parties, photos, bachelorette parties, and bridal showers, often opting for multiple trials. If you discover La Bella Tans a bit later, with only your wedding ahead, we recommend scheduling a trial tan at least two weeks or more before your special day for the optimal glow.

Will my tan rub off on my dress?

Absolutely not! At La Bella Tans, we exclusively use high-quality solutions that are oil-free, ensuring no staining. Additionally, our alcohol-free formulations prevent any transfer, as they keep your skin well-hydrated without drying out, ensuring a flawless tan without any wardrobe concerns.

Teeth Whitening FAQs:

Why Do Teeth Darken as We Age?

The aging process may unveil the dentin layer as enamel wears. Our 1-Hour Whitening offers a solution for a brighter smile.

How White Can My Teeth Get?

Experience a 3-12 shade improvement for 3-12 months with our 1-Hour Whitening. Achieve a consistently radiant smile.

Can I Whiten Fillings or Crowns?

Front fillings respond well, but crowns may not exhibit the same response. Focus on enhancing the appearance of front teeth.

Best Time to Whiten?

Optimal results follow a professional cleaning session, ensuring an ideal canvas for our 1-Hour Whitening treatment.

Will My Teeth Get Sensitive?

Potential sensitivity is temporary, akin to an encore. Employing sensitive toothpaste supports a smooth whitening experience.

White Spots After Whitening?

Visible spots post-whitening result from the unmasking of previously obscured areas. Your uniquely radiant smile takes center stage! ✨😁